Why Choose MoveBright

Why Choose MoveBright For Your Next Move?

Pro Packing Services & Materials

Packing is one of those tasks that soak up a significant amount of time before your move. Hiring us saves you time and lets you focus on the more important details of a move. In addition, our team of movers also utilizes a process that lowers the risk of breakage during the move while utilizing as much space as possible to reduce the number of boxes required to move your home.

At MoveBright Moving & Storage, we offer exceptional packing & unpacking services. Our skilled and professional packing & unpacking experts bring a unique blend of precision and care to ensure your belongings are handled with the utmost attention.


We know the right equipment is necessary for a successful move. Our local moving trucks are fully stocked with the necessary equipment that will protect and secure furniture and your home during transportation. We go above and beyond to ensure the safety of all your items on move day by wrapping our hand trucks with extra protection. We understand the value of your belongings, and our commitment to damage prevention is second to none!

Experience The MoveBright Difference

  • We understand the importance of a smooth and damage-free move. This is why we offer to protect your walls and stairs to avoid unnecessary scuffs & dings on both the load and unload!
  • Some items require the royal treatment. That’s why we offer our Wooden Crate Service, providing unparalleled protection and care for your invaluable or fragile possessions.
  • Oil and acrylic paintings require specialized attention That’s why we train our crew to identify and wrap your irreplaceable paintings in brown paper first and then cardboard to ensure the safe transit of these items.
  • Pictures, TVs, and mirrors are the most commonly damaged items, which is why we wrap all of them with care. Moving blankets add an extra layer of defense against potential damage and the custom cardboard crate offer a snug fit to keep your pictures securely in place during you move!

The Right Equipment

Wall & Stair Protection

Picture, TV & Mirror Protection

5-Star Customer Service

Artwork Prep & Protection