Part 1: The Estimator

Who will be the one who generates the quote during a moving estimate? The Estimator!

The estimation is one of the moving process’s first and most significant aspects. The entire moving process hinges on an accurate assessment.

Due to the inexperience of the Estimator, hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars are lost. In this article, we are going to look at 4 of the most common problems associated with inexperienced/deceitful Estimators.

1. Poor Game-Plan

Have you ever heard a Professional Coach speak to the media after a big loss? What is the common refrain heard over and over again? “We didn’t generate a good enough game plan”. Games are won and lost over one bad play call. This is why producing an airtight itinerary is critical to the success of any move.

Organizing custom game plans for maximum proficiency and efficiency is significant to any moving company. A massive mistake could occur if there is a bad play call, resulting in the entire game being lost. Suffering a loss in the game of moving day results in the customer paying hundreds of extra dollars.

One of the first areas of focus that an Estimator is trained to home in on is the number of movers required. If an Estimator quotes too few movers or too many movers, then inefficiency ensues.

Imagine having too many movers on a job just sitting around looking for work. Of course, the customer will still be charged the higher hourly rate associated with those extra movers, but they were not needed!

On the contrary, if too few movers are scheduled, an unnecessary burden is placed on the moving crew, resulting in excessive move time due to a lack of resources.

2. Lack of Communication

What is the number one breakdown in every relationship? Communication. If a team is not communicating well with one another, then the customer could pay the price.

This manifests itself in a host of ways. For example, suppose an inexperienced Estimator fails to mention critical notes for the moving crew come move day. In that case, this will result in inefficiencies and damages.

Every customer wants to have an open line of communication with the company they are doing business with. A good Estimator will be there to hold the customer’s hand throughout the entire process. An Estimator who lacks communication will leave the customer high and dry.

3. Untrustworthy Character

Unfortunately, many unfaithful Estimators take advantage of unsuspecting clients. The outcropping of a deceitful Estimator can be extra costs and hidden fees associated with your quote. Therefore, your client must know the moving company’s reputation to ascertain its trustworthiness.

What every person needs are precise and honest estimations for their move. Yet, many people are receiving a bidding war between inexperienced Estimators undercutting the industry standard to gain business. The result is an inaccurate estimate which will not be honored on move day. Thus, the customer pays a significant amount over the quote.

4. Minimal Knowledge

The services which a moving company provides are not limited to moving day. In fact, a good Estimator will provide the client with expert advice throughout the moving process to ensure optimal efficiency.

An honorable Estimator will provide helpful counsel by providing tips during “Pre- Move Day” conditions to guide the customer to maximize cost savings.

What Now?

Hopefully, you have been persuaded that hiring a moving company with a trustworthy, professional Estimator is crucial to a successful move.

At the end of our journey, you may wonder, “How can I know which moving company to has a reliable Estimator”? Well, you will want to listen to the voice of the people.

Without reading Google reviews, I will not even go to a new restaurant nowadays. I want to know how other customers have faired when trying the food. Was the chicken undercooked? How was the customer service? Wait time? The same proves true for moving companies.

A simple Google search will unearth the realities of every moving company. For example, if a company has more negative than positive reviews, you will certainly not want to recommend them.

While hunting, research Movebright. Movebright has a 5-Star Google review rating with over 350 reviews and counting. Unlike other companies who purchase reviews and create obvious false reviews, Movebright has earned every 5-Star review through hard work and dedication.

Movebright has a reliable and trustworthy reputation within the community, and we are proud of it. We know the above 5 reasons will save your clients money because we have saved thousands of customers thousands of dollars thousands of times. And we would love the opportunity to serve your clients as well.

Move Right with Movebright Today.

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