Part 2: The Crew

Let’s be honest. You can scheme up a brilliant game plan, but you’re still at a loss if the players do not execute it well. So here is where the traditional moving company “lives or dies”: Execution.

The face of every company is those team members who have their boots on the ground. Who is in front of the client more than anybody else in the moving industry? The movers. Therefore, you want your client to have expert movers who are trusted, experienced professionals.

In today’s article, we’re going to go over 3 reasons why hiring a moving company with professional movers will save you money.

1. Proper Execution

How could a lack of execution result in the client paying big extra bucks? The moving crew ensures the proper equipment and supplies are utilized on the job. What if there were not enough movers who showed up? Expert professionals get the job done quicker. Therefore, if an inexperienced day laborer is on the job, the customer will pay more because it will take them longer to complete the job. All these factors plus more add extra dollar bills to the customer’s final bill.

2. Professionals Matter

What is the number one way a moving company can cut costs in their business? Labor. If you can cut your labor costs, then you maximize your profits. Understandable logic, right?

How could the customer suffer from this type of business plan? Well, instead of professional movers showing up on move day, the customer will be approached by a team of day laborers with zero moving experience. Compounding the lack of knowledge, this moving crew has never worked together before, so they lack the congruent team experience to provide an efficient experience.

The labor-cutting day laborer has historically resulted in more damages, stolen property, lost property, and an overall dissatisfying customer experience.

Your client can save tremendous money by going with a professional moving company with expert movers. This is true for everything from loading the moving truck correctly on the first attempt to the knowledge of how to properly disassemble/reassemble furniture.

3. ExpertExperience

How do you want your furniture wrapped? How do you pack a moving truck in such a way as to mitigate damages? What are the varying tiers while loading a moving truck? These answers matter.

That is why hiring a moving company with professional movers is critical. How can you trust a moving company to take care of your property if they don’t know how to? How can you expect top-notch service from people who just don’t know what they are doing?

You can’t.

Expert experience matters when you’re moving. Everything from how you walk down a winding stairwell with a grandfather clock to how to communicate professionally, you will want a professional mover.

What Now?

Hopefully, you have been won over by the fact that an experienced moving crew will save you a lot of money.

Now that we’re coming to a close, you may wonder, “How do I know which moving company has professional movers”?

Without reading Google reviews, I will not even go to a new restaurant nowadays. I want to know how other customers have faired when trying the food. Was the chicken undercooked? How was the customer service? Wait time? The same proves true for moving companies.

A simple Google search will unearth the realities of every moving company. For example, suppose a company has a slew of negative reviews resulting from an unprofessional crew. In that case, you will not want to go with them.

While looking, research Movebright.

Movebright has a 5-Star Google review rating with over 350 reviews and counting. Unlike other companies who purchase reviews and create obvious false reviews, Movebright has earned every 5-Star review through hard work and dedication.

Movebright has a reliable and authentic reputation within the community, and we are proud of it. We know the above 5 reasons will save your clients money because we have saved thousands of customers thousands of dollars thousands of times.

Movebright has a team consisting of our own background-checked employees. Each team member is a professional mover with experience, and we would love the opportunity to serve you as well.

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